Car Accidents: How do they affect you?

In a split second, a car accident can drastically change your life. The decisions you make in the days and weeks to follow, however, can have equally as dramatic an impact. Identifying who is at fault, dealing with insurance claims and filing police reports can all have lasting consequences that affect your ability to recover damages in the future. Even if you don’t think you need a car accident lawyer, it’s important to ensure your interests are protected.

The experts at Dallas Horton & Associates is available to help you. We take the stress out of recovering from an accident, and help you identify your legal options. We may be able to represent you both at the negotiating table and, if necessary, in court.

Too often, accident victims will waive their rights to due compensation, either out of compassion for the other party or fear of a long, drawn-out legal battle. It’s not until medical bills and other expenses begin to pile up that they come to regret this decision. By taking proactive steps immediately following an accident, you can leave open the possibility of attaining the compensation you need to recover properly.

Read the article below to see some of the steps you should take as soon as the accident occurs!

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Dallas Horton & Associates have successfully resolved many cases involving auto accidents. Here are a few:

  • $8.9 million for Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $1 million for Roll-over Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $975,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $800,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $757,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident

"Irrespective of the size of the case, our goal is to give every client the time and attention they deserve, and to get justice for all.  Our office has handled over 15,000 cases ranging in value from $5000 to $9.6 million. It is not about the value of the harm, its about correcting the injustice that has occurred. Our law firm cares about your injury as well as your recovery." - Dallas Horton

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What Should You Do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas?

In a split second your life can change if you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident. Through no fault of your own you could be injured and unable to work, while medical bills begin piling up as you endure unwanted pain and suffering. Liability in a car accident can be difficult to determine. That is why it is important that if you have been injured in a car accident, you should consult with an attorney to obtain a fair amount of compensation.

Expert Las Vegas car accident lawyer Dallas Horton, has years of experience assisting injured motorists to receive the compensation they deserve for damage and injuries suffered on the road. In this post, we’ll offer tips to help you to make the best legal decisions possible when it comes to an auto accident.

Note: You should always seek medical attention as soon as possible if necessary. Nothing is more important than the health of you and your loved ones.

1. Do Not Leave The Scene Of The Accident

Stay at the scene of the accident and if possible, move your vehicle to a safe location. It is illegal to leave the scene of the accident. You should stay long enough to collect information from the other driver(s), collect witness information, and provide a statement to the police if necessary.

Another key thing to remember is to Not Admit Fault. Keep your conversations with the other motorists at a minimum: collect the other driver’s name, phone-number, and insurance information. But avoid saying anything that might let them pin any blame on you.

When giving your statement to the police, state exactly what you are sure about. If you are unclear about anything or simply don't know, then say so.

2. Document The Accident

Document as much of the damage as possible. Cameras in cell phones are common these days, and you can use yours to record as much damage to your vehicle or yourself. Pictures are helpful when it is time for the insurance company or your personal injury attorney to calculate compensation.

Collect information about other vehicles involved in the crash. Collect insurance policy information, vehicle make, model, license plate, and vehicle identification number. If you live in Las Vegas, then we suggest getting as much detailed information about the other driver as possible. Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The person involved in your accident may live out of state or even another country.

If you have video recording capability on your cell phone, it is a good idea to record yourself describing the events that took place. Then after you have recovered from the shock of the accident and need to make a statement about the accident to your attorney, you will have it to refresh yourself about the details of the accident.

3. Report The Accident To Your Insurance Company

You must report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance companies require a specific time, usually 24 hours, to report an accident. Give them the details including information about other vehicles and drivers involved in the accident.

4. If You Have Been Injured Seek Medical Attention

If you require medical attention, seek it immediately. Keep in mind that spinal, neck, or back injuries can often take a couple of days, or weeks to become apparent. Get examined by a physician as soon as you can, even if you don't think you are injured. And, if new pains pop up later, don’t hesitate to contact a medical professional.

5. Keep A File Of Documents

Make sure to keep a complete and up to date file of all the documents related to your vehicle accident. Accident reports, medical records, and statements from your insurance will be a valuable resource when seeking compensation.

Keeping a file of documents will be valuable if you consult with a car accident lawyer. In most states you have two years to file a claim. Even if you don’t immediately pursue litigation, keep an organized folder related to your injury in a safe place. Then if you do consult with an attorney, your documents will be easily available and organized.

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6. Consult A Car Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you have been injured, it is highly recommended you get an evaluation of your case from an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents. They will review your case, and can represent you to obtain fair compensation.

An experienced car accident attorney will be familiar with state liability laws, will be able to negotiate with the claims adjuster, and if necessary represent you in court. Your lawyer will have experience negotiating with insurance companies and know all the tactics they use to pay minimal settlements or deny claims.

Attorneys are able to identify specifically who is at fault and protect you from being denied a fair settlement. Insurance companies do not want to go to trial and may pressure you into accepting a quick settlement. Your attorney will work to protect your interests and seek to get you the settlement you deserve.

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