Accidents and injuries happen in Las Vegas every day. When you or your family members are the victim of an accident, someone’s negligence, or abuse, you may need a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury lawyer will represent you in court on your behalf and generally there is no cost to you unless you are awarded compensation. There are five main reasons you should retain a personal injury attorney.


#1 – You May Need An Attorney If You Have Been Injured In A Vehicle Accident


Vehicle accidents are one of the most common reason people hire a personal injury attorney. Even minor accidents can cause neck, spine, and brain injuries. A minor accident may seem like “no big deal” and the insurance company may offer you a small settlement.

An insurance company will seek to settle a claim quickly. Spine, neck, and brain injuries are not always apparent, and the insurance company may try to convince you that you are okay, and offer a minimal settlement.

Your attorney will have a trusted doctor evaluate you and involve an investigator to look into the accident claims. They will work to get you a fair and just settlement that compensates you and your loved ones.


#2 – You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Been Injured On Someone’s Property


If you have been injured on someone’s property you should consult with a PI attorney immediately. Injuries suffered on someone’s property can mean loss of current and future income.

Property owners do have a responsibility to prevent injury on their property. Your attorney will understand the legal requirements of property owners to prevent injury. Your attorney will work with you to navigate the legal complexities of property injuries and negotiate a fair settlement that compensates you.


#3 – You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Suffered Injury Through Abuse Or Negligence


If you or a loved one has been injured through negligence or abuse you have the right to hold the abusive or negligent party accountable. Abuse cases are complex and often not discovered until after the problem becomes noticed or a wrongful death occurs. In these cases, an insurance company or the party responsible may seek to dismiss your claims or offer minimal compensation.

An abuse case requires a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases and has a proven record of successful litigation.

In elder abuse, abuse of a minor, or negligence cases a PI attorney will work with you through the process to investigate your claims. Your attorney will work with you to determine the fair amount of compensation, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

If you feel you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect call us for a free case review.


#4 – You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney If The Insurance Company Acts In Bad Faith


When an insurance company refuses to pay or offers a very low settlement, an experienced attorney will work to get the highest and most fair settlement. Insurance companies have attorneys who are working to prevent you from seeking fair compensation. They will work to prevent you from being awarded damages or seek to disqualify your claims.

You should seek a personal injury attorney who has proven experience in negotiating with insurance companies and getting their clients the best settlement possible.

You deserve the same professional representation that insurance companies have. A proper lawyer works for you, and only gets paid if you are awarded a settlement.


#5 – You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Been Injured And Liability Is Unclear


Sometimes, you get injured and there are multiple parties involved. Or maybe a product you have purchased has injured you and it is unclear who is specifically at fault.

Your attorney will investigate your claim to uncover the responsible party. Your attorney understands the legal process needed to determine who is liable and has the experience winning settlements for clients who were injured through no fault of their own.

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident, suffered from abuse and negligence, or been injured by a defective product? Give us a call for your no cost consultation. Our professional team has years of experience winning claims for our clients.

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