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personal injury lawyer las vegas image You’ve just been hurt in an accident. Medical bills are piling up. You’re missing days, weeks…possibly months of work. Or even worse: you have a permanent injury affecting you, and those who depend on you, forever. You don’t have the time, energy or complex legal knowledge required to fight the insurance company and get what you deserve.

Dallas Horton & Associates can help. Let our personal injury law firm take the burden off of you and put it where it belongs – on the person responsible for your pain and suffering.

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Personal Injury Experience

Dallas Horton & Associates has successfully represented thousands and thousands of injured clients. Since 1998, the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at our firm have handled every type of personal injury case and obtained many multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of our clients.

Real Case Results

Dallas Horton & Associates have successfully resolved many personal injury cases. Here are a few:

  • $8.9 million for Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $2.975 million for Leg Injury
  • $2.0 million for Spinal Cord Injury
  • $1 million for Roll-over Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $300,000 for Dog Bite

Personal Injury Dedication

Dallas Horton & Associates is dedicated to representing injured people. The goal of any Las Vegas personal injury attorney should be to get you the fairest possible resolution to your case. Our firm prides itself on achieving this goal every single day.

For over a decade, our law firm has fought to get every client the justice they deserve.

  • Over 30% of our clients are Hispanic
  • Approx. 25% of our clients are minors
  • Over 15,000 clients have been helped

Dallas Horton & Associates gets results. Though every case is unique, our attorneys treat each one with the same passion and focus.

  • Approx. 90% of cases settle without the need for litigation
  • Our firm maintains over 250 cases in active litigation

Personal Injury Knowledge

It is crucial to have a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who can go toe to toe with the army of legal and medical experts the insurance companies have at their disposal.

Dallas Horton & Associates practices exclusively in the are of personal injury. Our firm has had success in every type of personal injury case. This allows us to represent you with the skill and confidence necessary to make sure you get the fairest possible resolution to your case.

In addition, Mr. Horton is the son, and grandson, of a surgeon. He knows what all the complicated medical terms mean and how to make sure insurance companies and juries understand, in plain English, what your suffering has cost you.

Dallas Horton & Associates has extensive knowledge of spinal trauma and brain injuries.

Few law firms can begin to match the depth of medical knowledge Dallas Horton & Associates brings to your case.

Experience – Dedication – Knowledge

For over a decade, Dallas Horton & Associates has been getting the injured people of Southern Nevada the compensation they deserve from every type of personal injury claim. Our firm has helped them get their lives back on track – now let us help you.

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