We realize that many people may not understand exactly what personal injury attorneys do, and how they can make a difference between winning and losing your case. In this article, we’ll clear up some common misconceptions about personal injury attorneys, and get to the center of personal injury litigation.

First, a personal injury attorney’s job is probably more complicated that you might think. They are necessary in fighting for your rights as an individual who has been wronged and or injured. If you’ve been involved in a personal injury issue, the single most important thing that you can do is find the right attorney.

We’ve mentioned elsewhere in our blog the importance of evidence, highlighting cases that should have been won, but weren’t, due to a simple evidence gathering snafu. Here at Dallas Horton and Associates, we never want that to be the case when you come to us. In the litigation process, information reigns supreme, and protecting evidence is crucial in personal injury cases. That’s where a personal injury attorney can come in. He or she can help you collect information pertinent to your case; this process is called the “discovery” process. It is a crucial part of our job to lock in all the details about your case to best assist you. The sooner that you have someone on your side collecting evidence and information, the better and stronger your case will be.

A personal injury attorney can also help you accurately determine your damages. It’s easy to see how much an accident will cost you in bills, but there a whole other level of damages involved that need to be addressed. For example, how would you know how much is due for pain and distress? How would you know how much you are owed do to missing work and future work? A solid personal injury attorney can help you determine the answers to these questions, and walk you through various scenarios.

Sometimes, seeking a settlement is in the client’s best interest as it can save you time and money, along with getting cash to you expeditiously. Reaching a settlement, though, can be complicated, with a lot of inherent give and take. Always remember that the other side is also looking to get the best deal for their client. A good personal injury attorney understands what your case is worth, and will know when it’s best to reach a settlement, and will be able to apply leverage when necessary to get the best deal for you.

A skilled personal injury attorney, like the legal team at Dallas Horton and Associates ensures that you’ll get a fair shake in court. We hope that this article has cleared up some of your misconceptions about personal injury attorneys.

How important do you think a personal injury attorney is when litigating? If you have a personal injury case or questions, we urge you to contact us.

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