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New Year’s Safety Tips From G. Dallas Horton

Deaths from alchohol-related crashes are nearly 150% on New Year’s Eve than on other days of the year. The AAA is reporting that nine out of ten drivers view drunk drivers as a significant risk to their safety on New Years.

As a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, I see a lot of cases that come across my desk as a result of poor decisions. It grieves me to see so many lives ruined because of some poor decisions mixed with Jack Daniels. I don’t really want to have to defend you in court after the holiday. And, trust me, you don’t want me coming after you for my client.




Here’s a few things you can do this holiday to stay safe and make smart decisions:

  • Pick a designated driver. Seriously. This seems elementary. You’ve heard it since high school. But do it. There’s no excuse to leave unprepared.
  • Don’t hold onto your own keys. If you don’t have a designated driver, give your keys to someone else so you won’t be tempted to get into your car after a night of drinking.
  • Make plans. We all remember the old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you plan on partying hard/late, make reservations at a hotel near where you’ll be. Pack an overnight bag. Heck, even bring a blanket to sleep in the backseat until you’re sober and alert enough to drive home.
  • Be smart. Another drink won’t sober you up. Coffee won’t sober you up. A banana won’t sober you up. Only time can get you back to thinking straight. Typically an hour for every drink. A full hour.

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