Slip and Fall Injury Advice from Las Vegas Attorneys

Slip and fall accidents all boil down to two things:

negligence and liability

In the U.S., a slip and fall case is one based on someone slipping and falling; injury is most often a result. Slip and fall accidents center on whether the property owner(s) in question were negligent in allowing such a dangerous condition to exist.

Property owners typically have two lines of defense against a slip and fall claim. One is that they weren’t negligent. For example, a property owner may claim they didn’t have time to discover a newly-created dangerous condition, such as water that a patron just spilled. The other defense for property owners is claiming that the injured person was at fault. Using the aforementioned example, why didn’t the person who slipped on the water notice the water on the floor himself / herself?

Perception may be that slip and falls are partially the fault of the injured party; however that may not always be the case. Slip and fall accidents in Las Vegas occur frequently. With the slew of convenient stores and shopping centers in town, it’s no wonder.

In Nevada, property owners are required to maintain the condition and safety of their premises. It’s understood that patrons will be in a hazard-free environment when visiting. If a property owner fails to take reasonable care to prevent a person’s injury, the owner could be found liable for the injuries caused. Slip and fall injuries can range from mild to extreme; imagine the kind of injuries that could be sustained by an elderly person, especially considering the frailty of their bones and the ease in which hips can be broken.

At Dallas Horton & Associates, we care about you and your slip and fall injury case because no one deserves to be wrongfully injured. Proving negligence and claiming liability can often be a difficult thing to do in court, but we’re committed to fighting for your rights.

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