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If you’ve been injured, having a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who truly understands the complexities of injury law, and is truly passionate about fighting for your rights can make all the difference! The team at Dallas Horton & Associates have a collective 70 years of experience representing clients for a wide range of matters revolving around personal harm, pain, and suffering. Since 1998, our firm has been taking on difficult cases and providing creative solutions both in court, and the negotiating table. We’ve been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers In The State, and are available around the clock to provide assistance whenever you need it.

Who Is Dallas Horton?

personal injury attorney in Las Vegas Dallas Horton

Mr. Horton was born in Italy and raised in rural Beaumont, Texas. He moved to Nevada and obtained his license in 1996. Mr. Horton’s professional background has been in personal injury law and insurance defense. At the age of only 28 years old, just two years out of law school, Mr. Horton resolved his first seven figure case. Since then, he has represented over 15,000 clients and secured many seven-figure settlements.

Mr. Horton has successfully participated in matters before the State Court System, including the District Courts and the NV State Supreme Court. He has also successfully participated in matters before the United States District Court System. Mr. Horton has extensive trial experience including jury trials, bench trials, arbitration's and mediation's.

Mr. Horton attended Texas Christian University receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with an emphasis in International Finance. Mr. Horton received his Law Degree from Texas Tech University School of Law, cum laude, in 1996.

Read more about Dallas Horton, his experience, awards and honors, and more here: Meet Dallas Horton

What To Look For In a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer:

1. Determine What Type of Expert You Need

When looking for expert legal representation you want to find someone who has expertise with your specific type of physical trauma. Often they will specialize in several different areas. Make sure the firm you choose has experience handling your specific type of case. While they can handle most types of cases, there are some that specialize in specific areas but won’t take on other types of cases, such as medical malpractice or workers compensation. For instance, Dallas Horton and Associates will not take on medical malpractice type cases.

2. Find Someone With Specific Courtroom Experience

The experts at Dallas Horton and Associates have garnered a serious reputation of fighting for our clients rights, and rights to far and just financial compensation. Mr. Horton is not afraid to take the case to court if his client is being treated unfairly, and has quite the reputation when it comes to fighting in the court room for his clients. If you decide to trust us with your case, rest assured knowing that we will fight for you!

3. Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Who Will Listen To You!

A good personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas will take the time to meet with you one-on-one, and if they take your case, will work with you to get the best settlement possible. Dallas Horton always takes the time to personally meet with all of his clients. His main focus is making sure you feel heard, and that you have the opportunity to discuss the desired outcome of your case. He also likes to inform his clients of similar cases to theirs, what happened during the process, and the outcomes of those cases. This way his clients have an opportunity to see what type of process their case might follow, and the outcome they can expect based on a similar case to theirs.

Mr. Horton does this to make sure his clients feel as comfortable as possible when pursuing their claim. Often times, fear of the unknown is the biggest obstacle for people looking for legal representation. We strive to make that fear of the “unknown” as reduced as possible, and always encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they need.

4. Understand What The Total Cost Will Be

While we typically get paid on a contingency basis, there may be additional expenses. Always ask if you will have to reimburse any of the expenses related to your case. If your case is complex, there may be additional expenses that have to be paid. At Dallas Horton and Associate, we believe in total transparency. We will always be clear and upfront with you from the moment you come in for your free consultation.

5. Find Someone With a Proven Record Of Success

Dallas Horton and Associates has worked with a variety of injured clients and our singular aim is to obtain the best settlements possible for our clients. Each client is important and receives the personal attention that has made Dallas Horton and Associates one of the top rated law firms in the state!

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Our Awards and Honors Speak For Themselves!

Photo of All Dallas Horton Awards

Board Of Trustees - Nevada Law Foundation

Dallas Horton, personal injury lawyer Las Vegas, was selected unanimously by the NV Supreme Court to sit on the Board Of Trustees of the Nevada Law Foundation. This is one of the most prestigious Honors that can be awarded.

Our Philosophy


Our continuing mission is to serve our clients with passion, dedication, and an intense focus on helping injured people get the compensation they deserve. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and resumes necessary to handle almost every type of claim.


Why Choose Dallas Horton and Associates?

It takes an acute legal mind to fight back against insurance companies and mount an effective defense of your rights. The injury Law experts at Dallas Horton & Associates can handle many different types of claims, and has been successfully fighting for our clients for over 20 Years!


Spine Trauma from a Motor Vehicle Accident Injury We helped Secure For Our Client


Another 7-figure Judgment For a Severe Spine Injury Involving a Motor Vehicle Accident


Photo of Personal Injury Cases Won by Dallas Horton and Associates
Personal Injury Case Results in Las Vegas

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Meet Our Expert Team Below!

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G Dallas Horton

Office Manager

Office Manager
Victoria Garcia

Litigation Secretary

Litigation Secretary
Joyce Domanski

Second Litigation Secretary

Litigation Secretary
Marybeth Fries

David L. Thomas

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Client Testimonials

Dallas, Dave and Christian are consummate professionals. I am proud to work with this group of fine individuals. Their legal knowledge, ethics and Acumen, in even the most complex injury cases, is unsurpassed in the Las Vegas legal community. They sincerely care about each of their clients and insist on providing the highest possible competence and ethical standards in their representation. Nobody gets lost in the shuffle. Some firms may be larger, but none are more powerful! - Steven Pacitti

Easy experience dealing with Dallas and the staff. They are patient and super thorough. He has personally taken extra time away from important stuff to personally give me advice. Didn't have to leave a voicemail to have him return my call. I just wish I would have reached out to him in 2003 in my first case. I'm sure I'd have nicer shoes right now. Make this office your first call, and you'll probably write a review like mine! Keep up the hard work! It doesn't go unnoticed. - Matt S.

Very glad to have chosen Dallas. He goes beyond any other. He answers questions about your case in full detail and let's you know how it will be handled, everyone in the office is a great help I never felt out of place always felt welcomed and relaxed that my case was in good hands because everyone was going to take care of me! - Karla Ramirez

What a great business! Wonderful and friendly staff! I had the pleasure of working with Karla, and she was very friendly and kind. Anytime I had a question, she was always there with a quick response.  I was severely hurt in September and they have worked diligently to get me the money I needed to cover my medical bills. I recommend anyone to Dallas Horton and Associates. - Ashley E.

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“My only goal and desire is to give my clients the best legal help possible during their case. Helping them, and seeing the spark of hope return to their eyes is the greatest joy I can imagine. I love what I do, and I love helping my clients get the justice they so desperately need and desire!

   Irrespective of the size of the case, our goal is to give every client the time and attention they deserve and get justice for all.  Our office has handled over 15000 cases ranging in value from $5000 to $9.6 million. It is not about the value of the harm, its about correcting the injustice that has occurred. My law firm cares about your injury as well as your recovery.”

― G Dallas Horton

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